Whether you are in the businesses of fire protection engineering and fire protection systems or you are a qualified installer of fire protection products, H. Roberts & Son Ltd can provide you with what you are looking for!

We provide numerous fire protection solutions and services that you need to help meet your fire-related installation requirements. From our headquarters in Liverpool, we supply the Wirral, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and the rest of the United Kingdom.

From fire extinguishers to fire alarm systems, the products we supply are designed to help protect buildings and vehicles from the spread of fires, smoke and other noxious gases. These products form an integral part of many well-designed fire protection systems.

With over 100 years of industry experience and a dedication to providing life saving safety solutions, our products will go a long way to helping protect the surrounding environment whatever that may be, whether it is the workplace or the inside of a motor/transport vehicle.

Latest News

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