Choose Top Quality, Reliable Fire Alarms in Cheshire for Your Building

If you need reliable, top quality fire alarms in Cheshire, get in touch with the specialists. H Robert & Son have been in the fire protection service for more than a century! We were established in 1907 and have kept in step with advances in techniques and technology over these decades. We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection products and services that include fire extinguishers, detectors and alarms, hoses and blankets. With so much experience under our belts, it’s only logical that we share our knowledge and expertise in this sector in the form of specialised training. We provide excellently rated fire training services. On top of that, we also cover the whole of the UK with training and demos in our fire extinguishers, alarms, smoke- detectors and fire hoses.

For our clients in Cheshire, fire alarms are installed, maintained, serviced and repaired our highly-trained, qualified and experienced professional team. We ensure that we are in compliance with BS 5839 standards for fire alarms, and our emergency lighting systems are maintained in keeping with BS 5266 regulations. We also offer additional services such as designing facilities that include design and specification services, ranging from making plans and site surveys to providing detailed bills of quantities. Our team can also help you with installation by our multi-skilled professionally qualified engineers, commissioning by technical experts, and a 24×7 full maintenance service. We offer a full callout across the UK mainland can service any electrical system to relevant British standards. In the current environment of risk assessment, we offer certification that your systems are designed, commissioned, installed and maintained to strict standards.

Reliable and optimally performing fire alarms in Cheshire and elsewhere must be well maintained to ensure safety. While many business and property owners try to cut costs by adopting lower standards of maintenance, this works out more expensive in the long run. When you need quality fire alarms for your business, contact H Robert & Son for more information. Most insurers offer discounts to business and property-owners if fire alarms are maintained well. You can also save lives and property, lower your legal costs and prevent nuisance and false alarms.