Dry Riser Maintenance in Skelmersdale, Expertly Done by a Professional Firm

H. Roberts & Son is available for dry riser maintenance in Skelmersdale as one of our many services and products. Our business is fire protection and has been since  1907. As the current owners, we have only been in charge since 1939. A major part of fire protection is making sure the products and systems in place are well maintained and working properly. Our company holds every credential, meets every standard and is approved by every British fire approval organisation, consortium and insurance company and council as well as most major industries. You can count on our high standards being consistent but just in case, we are audited periodically. We also serve the marine and aviation industries with fire protection products, testing and maintenance.

Our fire protection company serves the building owners throughout the area with equipment, system installations, maintenance, repairs and inspections. In Skelmersdale, dry riser maintenance is required by British Standards enacted in 2015. The requirements are for all buildings taller than 18 metres but below 60 metres. Taller buildings require wet risers and that too has required maintenance schedules. During a visual inspection, we check for signs of damage, often the result of vandalism, that would interfere with operations. The dry riser gets the water to the upper floors with pressure. Every 12 months we undertake a flow and pressure test to make sure that the water will be there in an emergency. All inlets and outlets are checked for damage and leaks.

Dry riser maintenance in Skelmersdale is critical to the safety of multi-storied buildings in the event of a fire The dry riser itself is installed when the building is originally built. We have many older buildings and the required fire safety inspections keep them safe for occupancy. Other fire protection is available throughout the building including water hoses, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and more. There is likely a fire alarm system and perhaps a sprinkler system as well. We design, install, maintain and repair all these important fire protection systems. We can also train building occupants in the emergency use of all equipment. Contact H Roberts & Son for dry riser maintenance or any of our other services. We maintain a high level of customer care and your satisfaction is guaranteed.