Emergency Lighting in Leyland, an Important Aspect of Your Firefighting Equipment

Emergency lighting in Leyland is a critical component of your overall fire safety system. Imagine yourself in a smoke filled building. You can feel the heat from the fire but you can’t see anything. It’s night and there is no light because the power is out. The smoke and darkness will cause you to be disoriented. You might not believe that but once it happens you will understand. We don’t want that to happen to you, so take our word for it. H Roberts & Son has been equipping the public and private sector with fire protection products and systems since 1907. Emergency lighting can be the difference between life and death. All public buildings must be equipped with them.

The purpose of emergency lighting is to take over when the power goes out so the way out is lighted. In Leyland, emergency lighting must be combined with lighted exit signs. This way, even in a smoky room and especially if power is out at night, you’ll see the exit light. The other emergency lights will light your way toward that life saving exit. This is a scenario we don’t wish on anyone. It’s terrifying and fear can compound the disorientation. However, emergency lighting is only one part of a fire protection system. Our company conducts safety surveys for our clients. Then we design an emergency fire safety plan that works best for your building layout.

Along with emergency lighting in Leyland, we install alarm systems, firefighting equipment such as canister fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hoses. For the safety of all, we also conduct training sessions in the use of these firefighting tools. Our company has a maintenance staff to carry out inspections and maintenance for all of your equipment including the wet or dry riser in your building. Contact H. Roberts & Son so we can come to your location and prepare an emergency lighting system plan and provide you with a cost estimate. We’ll make sure your building’s fire protection system is up to date and functional. Adding emergency lighting will add another measure of safety.