Fire Extinguishers in Chester, Vitally Important for Employee Safety

Fire extinguishers in Chester are a vitally important aspect of fire protection for any building. The UK fire extinguisher regulations state that you need a minimum of two ‘Class A’ extinguishers on every storey of your building. A Class A fire extinguisher is one that will extinguish a wood or paper fire. If your place of business works with electrical equipment, you will also need at least 2kg CO2 extinguishers, according to the UK fire extinguisher regulations.  The  fire extinguishers are usually situated by your building’s exits and fire alarm call-points. The fire extinguishers in your building also need to be commissioned. This is where they have been thoroughly checked and approved as good for use. We would be pleased to assist you in acquiring and maintaining the correct fire extinguishers for your building.

We provide top quality fire protection services to all our clients, and have done so since 1937. In Chester, fire extinguishers must be regularly serviced to ensure they are working, and as required by law. Our expert team offers provides fire extinguisher maintenance in accordance with BS:5306-3. This means that service technicians are CRB registered. They have also successfully completed all requirements of the BAFE registered Technicians Scheme ST104, which covers maintenance and servicing of portable fire extinguishers. We are committed to providing a highly professional, through and expert service. Our team will provide a routine maintenance schedule, and after the completion of the work, you will be issued with BAFE approved Certificate of inspection. We are happy to provide an all year round support and helpful advice.

Fire extinguishers in Chester play a huge role in the safety and protection of the occupants of your building. Fires spread quickly, and without the appropriate fire protection equipment, can lead to often disastrous results. If you are looking for top quality, legally compliant fire extinguishers for your building, contact H. Roberts & Son today. Other than fire protection equipment and the maintenance thereof, we also offer comprehensive fire safety training courses. Being aware of the procedures to follow in the event of a fire can ensure the safety of the workers in your building. Our fire safety training courses can be done on your premises, or, if need be, online.