Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire: Ensuring Safety with H. Roberts & Son Ltd.

Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire: Ensuring Safety with H. Roberts & Son Ltd.

Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire are an essential measure of safety in any business or residential property. In the field of fire protection, H. Roberts & Son Ltd., based in Liverpool, has been the trusted name for more than a century. Notably, our expertise extends to the provision of high-quality fire extinguishers across Lancashire.

Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire: A Necessity

Fire extinguishers are integral for fire safety in Lancashire. They provide the first line of defence against fires, reducing the risk of a small fire escalating into a large-scale disaster. The role of fire extinguishers in Lancashire is not just to extinguish fires, but to prevent their spread, ensuring the safety and security of your property and occupants.

Why Choose H. Roberts & Son Ltd.?

H. Roberts & Son Ltd. has a rich history that dates back to 1907. For over a century, we have been committed to providing top-tier fire protection services. We have a reputation for delivering Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire that are reliable, durable, and easy to operate. Our service extends beyond the sale of fire extinguishers. We offer comprehensive fire safety training to ensure our customers are well-equipped to use the fire extinguishers correctly.

  • Our fire extinguishers are of the highest quality, ensuring effectiveness and longevity.
  • We offer comprehensive fire safety training to all our customers.
  • Our customer service is exemplary, ensuring that all clients, irrespective of their size, receive the same high standard of service.

Our Approach to Fire Safety

At H. Roberts & Son Ltd., we believe that fire safety is a two-pronged approach: integrity and insulation. Integrity is about preventing the spread of flames while insulation is to stop the transfer of heat. Both these elements are critical in mitigating the risk of fire. Our fire extinguishers in Lancashire are designed with this approach in mind, ensuring optimal fire protection.

  1. We continually invest in research and development to bring to market innovative fire extinguishers.
  2. We are committed to providing fire extinguishers that meet commercial, residential, industrial, governmental, and institutional needs.
  3. We ensure that our fire extinguishers in Lancashire adhere to all safety standards.


Fire Extinguishers in Lancashire, provided by H. Roberts & Son Ltd., are more than just equipment. They are a guarantee of safety, a testament to our commitment to fire protection. Contact us today to enhance your fire safety measures.