Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno: The Pioneering Services of H. Roberts & Son Ltd

Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno: The Pioneering Services of H. Roberts & Son Ltd

Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno are a fundamental necessity for any establishment looking to prioritise safety and compliance. H. Roberts & Son Ltd, a leader in the fire protection industry, provides these crucial services throughout the region.

Our Heritage

Based in Liverpool, H. Roberts & Son Ltd is one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. Since its inception in 1907, the company has remained a family-owned business for three generations, with a consistent focus on fire protection.

Our Services

Our services extend beyond merely supplying Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno. We also offer comprehensive fire safety training and thorough fire risk assessments. Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as market leaders in the fire protection industry, thanks to our innovative products and services.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the two main elements to fire rating are integrity, which prevents the spread of flame, and insulation, which inhibits the transfer of heat. These factors are pivotal in controlling the spread of a fire.

Our Commitment

Throughout our history, we have remained committed to providing services that meet our customers’ needs. From large corporations to small and medium enterprises, all clients receive the same high standard of service.

Our Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno

Utilising our services in Llandudno ensures comprehensive fire protection. Besides, our fire extinguishers are designed to meet the needs of commercial, residential, industrial, governmental, and institutional customers.

  • Commercial Fire Extinguishers
  • Residential Fire Extinguishers
  • Industrial Fire Extinguishers

Over the past 50 years, we have placed heavy emphasis on research and development, resulting in innovative, life-saving products.


Fire Extinguishers in Llandudno from H. Roberts & Son Ltd are not just products; they are a commitment to your safety. Our standing as fire protection leaders is testament to our dedication to providing the best service at reasonable costs.