Fire Extinguishers in Runcorn, the First Line of Defense

Have you been neglecting your fire extinguishers in Runcorn? It’s not uncommon. At some point you bought fire extinguishers but how long ago was that? Maybe years because fortunately, you have never needed to put out a fire. Tomorrow though, you might suddenly need one of those fire extinguishers for a grease fire, overheated workshop machine, car engine fire or even a boat motor or fuel fire. If you do, can you find a fire extinguisher and if you can find one, will it work? The different types of extinguishers are water, dry powder, foam, wet chemical and carbon dioxide. Each is meant for specific types of fires. It’s important that you have the correct fire extinguisher in your kitchen, boat, car, workshop, garage and workplace.

We can help you stay safe and prepared for a fire emergency just as we have for 100 years. For our customers in Runcorn, fire extinguishers and a fire alarm are the most important and effective firefighting tools available. Our company designs and installs fire alarm systems for commercial customers and private homes. We operate training programs for those who will be in charge of the on- site firefighting equipment and building evacuation. Our team also conducts fire safety checks as required by law for commercial and public buildings. However, for the individual homeowners, having the right fire extinguishers at hand is your first line of defence.

We have the fire extinguishers in Runcorn to meet every fire eventuality. We encourage you to contact us and we’ll discuss your fire extinguisher needs. We can help you choose the type for every vulnerability in your life. If you have extinguishers, bring them in so we can check their effectiveness. They need to be checked regularly so they’re always ready for a fire emergency. We are here to answer your questions and provide instructions for use. Hopefully, you will never need to use that fire extinguisher. However, having an operational fire extinguisher at hand and knowing how to use it could save lives and properties.