Fire Safety Courses in St Helens Help Keep Your Employees Safe

It must be said that fire safety courses in St Helens for a business’ employees are as important as the building’s required fire safety equipment. We all know that a fire in a building can be devastating, not only with the loss of equipment but the potential risk to the safety of the occupants. During a fire, often people panic, and are uncertain of the correct procedure to follow. By attending fire safety courses, you can ensure that your employees will be better prepared in the event of a fire starting in the building.

We would be pleased to assist you help your employees be better prepared. In St Helens, fire safety courses will provide your employees with the knowledge of what and how to do in the case of an emergency. Our fire safety courses are facilitated by our fully qualified professional instructors. How fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire hoses work will all be demonstrated. We maintain exceptionally high standards in all aspects of our services. A BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) approved and BFC (British Fire Consortium) approved Fire Extinguisher Service Company, we are recognised as one of the premier independent and authoritative fire protection companies providing all aspects of fire safety, loss prevention and risk management. This includes our fire safety training courses.

Fire safety courses in St Helens are designed to teach your employees on what needs to be done if a fire breaks out in your building. If you would like more information about our available fire safety training courses, contact H. Roberts & Son today. As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the people employed by your company, as well as the public, are safe within your building. Our facilitators teach the trainees how to behave during an emergency situation and help them feel confident that they will know how to react in a responsible manner in an emergency situation. You can rely on our expertise to assist and guide your employees in the correct behaviours and procedures needed during an emergency. Other than fire safety training, we also provide a number of services regarding fire safety equipment.