Firechief Fire Hose Reels

The Firechief fire hose reels provided by H. Roberts & Son Ltd. are compact and of quality all-metal construction using powder coated steel and brass, which makes for an elegant design. These reels are kitemarked to BS EN 671-1, a standard that ensures specific requirements and testing are met for the construction and performance of manual and automatic fire hose reels.

In terms of specifications, the reel is supplied as "hose-on" with a standard hose fitting measuring 19mm x 30m. Other sizes are available on request. The reels can be installed fixed or swinging and are either manual or automatic, with the automatic variant allowing water out as soon as roll out occurs. The reels are supplied with a jet/spray nozzle, a hose guide (fixed models only) and a gate valve (manually operated models only).

Please take a look at this table below, to see the product codes and model numbers:

FHR.010RMFM19Fixed Hose Reel - Manual
FHR.031RMFA19Fixed Hose Reel - Automatic
FHR.011RMSM19Swinging Hose Reel - Manual
FHR.032RMSA19Swinging Hose Reel - Automatic

The reels will need to be inspected yearly, to help ensure they are operating within their requirements.