Professional Dry Riser Maintenance in Liverpool – Required Twice a Year

Dry riser maintenance in Liverpool is required twice a year according to BS 5306 and BS9990.Every six months a visual inspection needs to be carried out to ensure all components of the vertical pipe work is in working order and free of damage and debris. In most buildings, six stories and higher, you will have an exterior inlet on the ground floor and an outlet on each floor above six stories. The purpose of a dry riser in tall buildings is to get pressurised water to upper floors quickly and easily, without dragging heavy hoses up several flights of stairs. Water is accessible on each floor. However, a full wet test must be carried out once a year running pressurised water through the pipes.

The yearly riser maintenance must be carried out according to specific governmental regulations by an authorised company. In Liverpool, dry riser maintenance is one of the many services we carry out. Our company has been in business for over 100 years providing goods and services for Fire Protection. We supply equipment such as fire detectors, fire extinguishers, hoses, alarms, fire blankets and full supply and installation of fire detection systems for domestic and commercial customers. Along with our products we also provide training for those building occupants most likely to be called to respond to an emergency. Dry risers are a part of the building’s firefighting system and we are authorised to carry out regular maintenance on them.

Dry riser maintenance in Liverpool is critical to protect high-rise building occupants during a fire. One of the greatest risks to proper function is disuse. Rarely is a dry riser needed because most buildings don’t experience fires. So without regular maintenance, the riser could become damaged, outlets blocked or even blockages within the pipe. You can’t risk neglecting it because you never know when it will be necessary to save life and property. Contact H. Roberts & Son for all your firefighting equipment, training and maintenance services. If tragedy strikes, your dry riser system is your best chance of saving lives on the upper floors of high rises. If it hasn’t been used in 50 years, that’s great but keep it in peak operating condition just in case.