It is crucial that a fire risk assessment is carried out and a written record kept for buildings and workplaces that have more than 5 people. Even if the premises has less than 5 people it is still highly recommended an assessment is undertaken. Assessing the premises will identify what needs to be done to help prevent the risk of fire.

As a professional risk assessor, H. Roberts & Son Ltd encourages you to follow the five key steps outlined in fire safety risk document that is provided by the government.

Things to take into consideration during the assessment on premises include the fire fighting equipment that is available, the number of emergency exits and where they are located, whether there are any detection systems or fire alarms in place and their locations, whether a robust fire evacuation plan is in place, the competency in individuals regarding fire safety training, the level of suitable information provided through signage around the premises and the needs of vulnerable individuals such as those who will have a disability or chronic illness.

In addition identification of hazards must be carried out. One of the biggest things to consider is the removal or safe storage of substances or objects that are deemed dangerous. This includes but is not limited to things like highly flammable liquids and/or objects to exposed electrical cables/wires.