H. Roberts & Son has all the equipment necessary to carry out the hydraulic pressure testing of extinguisher system cylinders to BS EN 1968:2002 (Steel Cylinders) & BS EN 1802:2002 (Light Alloy Cylinders) It is a legal requirement for CO2 gas cylinders to be hydraulically tested every 10 years and it’s an offence for this not to be carried out.

For a CO2 gas cylinder to be hydraulically tested the cylinder has to be filled with water and fastened down securely inside our test cage. The water inside the cylinder is then pressurised to a stated pressure stamped in the neck of the cylinder and held for at least 30 seconds, during which time there shall be no decrease in the recorded pressure or any evidence of leakage.

The pressure is then released and the cylinder is then inverted to empty the water out. The cylinder is then dried out on our six cylinder drying facility at a temperature not exceeding 300 degrees C°.

After a satisfactory completion of the periodic inspection & test, each cylinder is permanently marked according to EN 1089-1 with the present test date followed by our unique symbol.

Test certificates are issued on completion and all details are recorded on our cylinder database system.