Essential Dry Riser Maintenance in St Helens, Professionally Completed

Essential Dry Riser Maintenance in St Helens, Professionally Completed

Dry Riser Maintenance in St Helens

Dry Riser Maintenance in St HelensRegular dry riser maintenance in St Helens can help secure your building.

Dry risers are empty pipe systems that are inside multi level buildings. These pipes run on every floor up to 50 metres high. Functional dry riser systems enable fire fighters to access water on different floors of a multi level building. The dry riser system starts with an inlet on the ground floor outside the building. Thus, this is where fire fighters can connect their truck to supply water. Each floor of the building has a landing valve. This is where the fire fighters can connect pipes to distribute water. For optimal safety, ensure that your fire emergency support mechanisms are always in optimal condition. Adhering to strict fire protection protocols is your best defence against a fire.

Dry riser maintenance is a special service that is ideal for certified health and safety practitioners. In St Helens, dry riser maintenance involves two basic stages. The first is a simple visual check. Hence,  where the maintenance team check for physical damage or vandalism of your dry riser system. The second type of dry riser assessment is the water test. During the water test, the dry riser system is run for about 15 minutes. This is to assess its performance. Visual checks are done every six months. However, water tests are necessary once a year. Further, the team performing the maintenance of your dry riser system should have qualifications and expertise.

We’re among the best companies to carry out dry riser maintenance in St Helens. Our company has been in operation for more than 100 years. We focus our operations on fire protection. This is to prevent loss of property and physical harm due to fire accidents. Furthermore, we can serve clients all over the North West. Contact H. Roberts & Son today to schedule a dry riser maintenance check. As such, we also install fire alarms, smoke detectors. Additionally, we supply fire extinguishers for a wide variety of applications. Moreover, our staff is respectful and diligent in their service.