Technical Guarantees For The Market

The photoluminescent characteristics and performance are printed on all the Everlux signage we provide as per ISO and DIN standards requirements. This provides consumers with the correct information and guarantee of a high quality product. The quality of all Everlux photoluminescent products have the Lloyd's Register Type Approval Certificate.

We provide numerous types of signage for different information, from fire extinguisher identity notes to directional fire exit notices. The specifications of all signage is displayed below:

  • Material: Photoluminescent rigid plastic with a thickness of 2mm.
  • Printing: Serigraphy, high quality gloss paint with Ultra Violet resistance and a 5 year guarantee.
  • Surface: Antistatic and easy to clean.
  • Fire Resistance: Class M1. Flame retardant.
  • Chemical Characteristics: Non-radioactive; non-phosphorous, lead free and non-toxic.