Quality Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is normally used to quickly extinguish kitchen fires arising from cooking oil, saucepans or frying pans. They can also be used to tackle clothing fires. Whatever the type of fire, the blanket will cut the supply of oxygen being fed to the fire and help to put it out safely.

The fire blankets we provide meet the essential performance requirement in that they must extinguish a cooking oil fire, as detailed in BS EN 1869:2019. To achieve this, the fire blanket must have good flexibility and draping qualities. These features will help to eliminate oxygen from the burning oil and allow gradual cooling to help prevent self-ignition. When the blanket is removed after 17 minutes, there should not be reignition.

In addition to the above requirement, it is now mandatory that the fire blanket must be able to extinguish a flammable fuel fire, as detailed in BS EN 1869:2019. Again the blanket needs to be able to flex and drape accordingly to help maximise the coverage area needed to eliminate any oxygen. When the blanket is removed after 4 minutes, there should not be any reignition.

Our 1.2m x 1.2m fire blanket has a unique 3-ply material; two layers of woven glass fibre fabric with an inner layer of fire retardant film and it is this construction that is at the forefront of the fire blankets unblemished safety record. It is a longstanding performance record unrivalled in the industry and now the first to be approved to the 2019 product standard.

We stock JacTone fire blankets of various sizes. For more information on the different blankets, please see the table below:

FBHS31.2m x 1.2m Fire Blanket
FBHS41.8m x 1.2m Fire Blanket
FBHS51.8m x 1,75m Fire Blanket