Fire Blankets in Newcastle, a Necessary Part of Your Fire Safety Equipment

We believe fire blankets in Newcastle should be included in your fire prevention equipment at home and on the job. Along with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, fire blankets can save lives and property. They are usually made from fibreglass woven into fabric and contain a fire retardant inner layer. We suggest you keep one wherever you would also keep a fire extinguisher. In the home, kitchen fires are the most common cause of house […]

Fire Risk Assessment in Manchester, Saving Lives and Property

Professional fire risk assessment in Leyland is available from H. Roberts & Son. Fire risk assessments are essential to ensure that the building is safe, for both public buildings and workplaces. Private homes can also benefit from this service. We will systematically go through your home, public or commercial building and note the factors that are considered a fire hazard. After that, we can determine the likelihood that one of those risk factors will actually […]

Fire Safety Courses in Skelmersdale, Keeping your Employees Safe

Comprehensive fire safety courses in Skelmersdale are available to those wanting to extend their employees’ knowledge. The required fire fighting equipment is likely strategically placed throughout your place of business. However, it is of little use if the people within your building are not able to use it correctly. When a fire breaks out, panic and confusion reign. With a fire safety course, your employees will learn what to do and how to do it […]

Fire Extinguishers in Runcorn, the First Line of Defense

Have you been neglecting your fire extinguishers in Runcorn? It’s not uncommon. At some point you bought fire extinguishers but how long ago was that? Maybe years because fortunately, you have never needed to put out a fire. Tomorrow though, you might suddenly need one of those fire extinguishers for a grease fire, overheated workshop machine, car engine fire or even a boat motor or fuel fire. If you do, can you find a fire […]